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W.D. Amaradeva


Maestro Pandit Amaradeva, who was born in Moratuwa in 1927, began playing violin at the age of seven and later became the most celebrated musician in the island, Sri Lanka. As a teenager, he was already singing and composing music in addition to playing violin. He was only seventeen when he gained recognition as an innovative and versatile artist after both singing and acting in the film, Asokamala. Amaradeva later obtained training in classical music at the prestigious Bhatkande Institute of Music in Lucknow, India.

Following returning to Sri Lanka in 1958, Amaradeva has developed a unique national identity through a synthesis of classical, folk and contemporary musical traditions. Amaradeva began working on indigenous folk music embellished with Indian ragas, thus giving expression to a more sophisticated cadence. In other innovations, he experimented with Western harmony and counterpoint and with South Indian and Tamil musical forms. A highpoint in his musical career was the work he did with Sri Lanka’s most celebrated lyricist Mahagama Sekera in exploring the contours of fusing classical Sinhala poetry with a new musical intonation. In time, Amaradeva’s music came to reflect an entire philosophy, reflective of the spirit of a nation. The borrowed and indigenous influences thus created a uniquely Sri Lankan synthesis.

Amaradeva has composed music for ballet, film, stage, and countless radio and television programs. He has written over one thousand songs-melodious, lyrical, haunting songs of patriotism, beauty, faith, passion, and love. For over fifty years now he has also been performing his songs over radio and television, in concert, and on gramophone records, audiotapes, and CDs. Amaradeva's fluid, resonant voice long ago overshadowed his violin. His music is both very fine and widely loved. Sri Lankans say it is music that transcends ethnicity, class, and age.

The Maestro has performed in many countries and has been honored with several international accolades including the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Excellence, and India’s prestigious Padma Sri Award. We are honored and fortunate to be able to see the Maestro performing in this city half the world away from the motherland. We warmly welcome Maestro Amaradeva and his orchestra to Arizona.

Wimala Amaradeva


Mrs. Wimala Amaradeva is the wife of Dr. W. D. Amaradeva. She is a retired dancing teacher.

Mrs. Amaradeva has accompanied her husband Dr. Amaradeva on all his Cultural Tours assisting him as a Vocalist. Her visits include the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, India and other countries.

Being a prominent Artist by her own right, she has taken part in the first cultural tour from Sri Lanka as a member of the delegation which toured India in 1959. This delegation has been led by the famous Dancer Mr. Chithrasena and Dr. Amaradeva had been the Director of Music.

Mr. Amaradeva has built her academic background at the “Kala Kshathra” Institute in India. At this school of dancing, she has perfected “Manipuri Dance” under the direction of Mrs. Rukmani Arundel.

Subhanie Amardeva


Subhanie, who is the only daughter of Dr. W D Amaradeva, following the footsteps of her father is pursuing as a performing Artist.

Building on her inherited rich artistic background she has acquired academic qualifications, which include Master of Arts from the University of New Delhi, India, Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka as well as the highly acclaimed Diploma (Hons) in Hindustani Classical Vocal from the Shriram Barathiya Kala Kandra, New Delhi, India which is a six year course.

In addition to her artistic skills as a vocalist she is fluent in English, French, German, Hindi, Snskrith and Sinhalese languages. She is a Diploma holder in French Language from the alliance Francaise, Colombo, Sri Lanka. She also process certificate for Basic German from Deutsches Kulturinstitut, Colombo, Sri Lanka. First certificate from the University of Cambridge and the National Certificate in English, Colombo.

Subhanie has performed as a Vocalist in foreign countries such as USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Oman, Singapore, India, Nepal, Japan and Pakistan. She has performed in numerous Television and Radio Broadcasting Programs in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and also India.

In addition she has worked as a copywriter for Phonix Advertising Ltd, Colombo.

D.D. Gunasena


Born in 1947. D D Gunasena is one of the leading musicians in Sri Lanka. He is a holder of a diploma for violin performance at the Bhathkande University, India. He was a member of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Orchestra for more than thirty years. He is also an “A” Grade Artist.

Gunasena participates in most of the song recordings and musical concerts in Sri Lanka. He performs in concerts worldwide as well. Apart from being a well known violinist he has also directed music for Sri Lankan Tele Dramas and movies, such as “Raaroo” & “Akunuphara”.

Hemapala Gallage


Hemapala Gallage is arguably one of the best professional tabla players in Sri Lanka today who is highly skilled in his field. He is one of the most talented and popular tabla players whom you can never forget. In the 70’s there were a few talented tablists and Gallage was one of them. He was a prominent member of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Orchestra since 1978, and now he is the Deputy Controller of the Orchestra.

Gallage acquired his tabla playing skills from his eldest brother, Justin and subsequently learnt from Visharadha D R Peiris. He is not only a tablist but is a very skilful Jazz Drummer.

Gallage is one of the most sought after tabla players by Top Musicians namely Pandit Amaradeva, Victor Ratnayake and Visharadha Nanda Malini and Rohana Weerasinghe. From the very inception he has been playing the tabla for Victor Rantnayake’s famous “Sa” performances here and abroad. And he has backed music for almost all the top professional singers if Sri Lanka, and also he was one of the initiative members in the famous music band called “Shakthi” and “Siha Shakthi”.

He has been touring UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and India accompanied by many famous singers and Music Directors of Sri Lanka.

Nalaka Anjana Kumara


Nalaka is a prominent classical eastern musician in Sri Lanka. He has accompanied Dr. Amaradeva on tours to Countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Middle East countries as a musician and vocalist.

Nalaka has directed music for numerous Tele Dramas and the movie “Rajjumala” in Sri Lanka. He has also directed music for new as well as professional vocalists in Sri Lanka.

Nalaka is currently an employee at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Cooperation’s Music Division. He has completed a collection of 16 songs to a CD but is not yet in the market.

Suresh Maliyadde


Suresh Maliyadde entered the music arena in the Nineties as a Keyboard Player and as a Music Director. He quickly established himself as a creative and innovative Artist.

Suresh started his music career as a Guitarist of a western group which he formed soon after leaving school. Later he took up the keyboard. Soon Suresh started working in the Garment Industry and fortunately for him his music talents were recognized. He was assigned the task of forming a music group which he did with his friend Channa. In addition Suresh has contributed as a Keyboard player for the music groups “Super Seven” and “Favourites”.

In the year 1994 his exceptional music talents were recognized by the famous artist Mahinda Bandara who was material in Suresh joining one of Sri Lanka’s most popular music groups namely “Fortunes”. This marked an important juncture in Suresh’s music life.

Suresh has earned a reputation as a “Perfectionalist” due to his exceptional dedication to complete any task at its best. He remains with his keyboard even after all other artists leave a recording session to add beauty to his work. Though this requires enormous patience from his colleagues as well as from singers, satisfaction is guarantied due to the high quality of the end product.

Currently Suresh is in high demand for his services as a Music Director, especially among the next generation of singers in Sri Lanka. He has directed music for many popular songs as well as teledramas.

Suresh has toured more than 10 countries including USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, and Italy and Dubai countries. He has toured Dubai 12 times and London 5 times and may other countries on numerous times.